Year 11 Periodic Table Home Learning 09/09/14


Afternoon Gents!

Your task is to create a presentation, or mind map in Power Point or a hand made poster explaining who Mendeleev was and what role he had in the development of that wondrous tool- The Periodic Table. Your work should include.

•A short bio on Mendeleev
•Some independent research about how the elements were organised before him and what developments took place after he was done with his Periodic Table
•A description of the blocks in The Periodic Table
•Define the words group, period, valence and charge such that you are then able to explain how The Periodic Table is of everyday use to Chemists

The above is targeted at grades up to A due to the limitations of our specification. Those of us that want A and A* should also explain why group one and group seven contain the most reactive elements in the periodic table. You know who you are.

All of you please consider including an extra slide on the fun times to be had naming elements. This should help us with our scientific literacy even further and highly recommended for those of your I discussed clarity of expression with last night!

Enjoy and send me any questions,

Due date 09/10/14

Ms Critchley


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