An Update.

Students getting in on the action! Fabulous!

Mazza Blog

Okay so when I started this blog I didn’t envisage it being such a draining task, it turns out the layout I had for my learning journal was s#*t to be perfectly honest, it meant answering the same questions day-after-day for three subjects. thanks. Because of this I (sort of) gave up on the blog. however, I’ve decided to do a Sherlock and come back from the dead. so, starting Monday the 6th of October 2014, the mazza blog is back in business, it will also conform to a new layout which I’m about to make up as I write this. instead of answering seven questions for each subject I’m just going to write about the content from that subject from that day and state which are the most important points, but also, I’m going to include other things that may happen in those lessons, things that may be shocking or…

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