Year 11 Home Learning Due 23.10.14

Year 11 Homework 17.10.14 due 23.10.14

It’s all very exciting today, gents! Your first Science Story of Year Eleven awaits you.

The presentation attached takes you through drug development and asks you to define some key words and processes. There is a handy video there to help as well.

Read the whole thing. the last slide tells you what I need submitted.

You will hand write (unless I let you know otherwise) this in your exercise books with the title of this post at the top of the page.

I can’t wait to read them! Good luck. Enjoy and do start revising C4 too. Use past papers if you can!

Ms C


Year Seven Home Learning Update!

Re blog-

Write me a 200 word crime story where someone is caught by finger print analysis. Use full sentences and all key words


Good luck!

Miss C

7W1P Home Learning Due 13/10/14


After today’s Growing Against Gangs and Violence Workshop I’d like us to think a little bit more about the types of respect we spoke about during the Knives and Weapons session this afternoon.

Optional but good for ten Watchmarks if it’s well done!

Your task is in two parts

1) Write about someone you respect, why you respect them and how you show that respect.

2) Write about why you deserve respect and how you think people should show it.

Type it or hand write it. I don’t mind. Half an A4 page is plenty!

Can’t wait to read them,

Ms C

Year 11- Resource Banquet


Gentlemen, I deliver you a tasty selection of online resources for your immediate and continuous consumption.

Starter – Past papers.
I recommend you try to work through them on your own, then with revision guides or online resources and then using the mark scheme either by yourself or after you’ve had someone mark the paper for you.

Main- The Specification
You might like to run through this to see if you have a full grasp of all examinable content.

Dessert – Help
The sweet sweet taste of guidance in the form of useful links for revision and learning.

I will be uploading more topic specific resources as and when it’s appropriate!

Don’t forget to email those Mendeleev Presentations. All those willing to present in a Russian accent are guaranteed paint balling nominations.

Year 12 Chemistry Progress Tests


Your test is set for P5 on Friday 10th October.

You will need to revise everything we have covered up to and including molecular Shapes and Bond Angles. On Monday the presentations I use in class with be uploaded and I will go through your specs with you to highlight the areas we need so far.

I highly recommend learning the definitions of keywords I have covered with you word for word. It would also be advisable to ensure you can manipulate the moles equations we have covered. I am available after school on Tuesday to cover anything you are stuck on. might also be of some help.

I won’t wish you luck because hard work is more reliable so I will simply offer my condolences upon the realisation that you must actually get some revision done!

See you Monday folks! I leave you with this picture of me on my way to the Science Museum to cheer you up.

An Update.

Students getting in on the action! Fabulous!

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